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Welcome to Kahikatea Farm, a 16 acre farm designed according to 'permaculture' principles. At Kahikatea Farm we are growing our soils, growing a food forest, growing our children and their future. We are growing our knowledge, and growing our community. In our nursery we grow over 200 varieties of certified organic vegetable seedlings, edible and medicinal herbs, companion plants, flowers, shrubs and trees. Read more... Whether you have an apartment balcony, an urban garden, a lifestyle block or a large farm we can supply top quality, site-specific plants plus advice on how and where to plant.  We also run gardening, permaculture and food forest workshops and courses, and provide consultancy services.

Check out our new range!

Elaeagnus x ebbingeii

After adding about 60 new plants to our range last year we have added another 30 or so this year already and continue to add more - remember to keep checking the 'new products' page on the website or looking for these labels in the shops if you are local. As always we have chosen plants for their usefulness in your garden, not just their good looks, so if you are after nitrogen fixers, bee attractors, medicinal plants, drought hardy ground covers, look no further! 

Food Forest Thinking

 driveway edge food forest

We have planted up the edge of our driveway using food forest design principles and it's looking great at the moment. We have southerly protection (and nitrogen fixation and bee food) from ceanothus, dwarf peaches and apricots in wine barrels, underplanted in and between the barrels with edibles and support species including wild fennel, sedum 'Autumn Joy', daylilies, calendula, tansy, catmint, nasturtiums, false valerian and plantain, all available from the nursery. Check out the plants on our website for more information, or go to our courses page to find out how you can learn more about food forest design!

Otane Market

otane marketWe are currently taking a break from Sundays at Otane market to focus on other projects such as expanding the nursery. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. If you are in Central Hawke's Bay you'll find our plants at Nature's Nurture in Waipawa, or we can deliver a large box of plants for just $5 to some non-rural areas.