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Micro Greens & Wheatgrass

Kahikatea Farm supplies top quality organic Living Microgreens and Wheatgrass trays to customers ranging from health-conscious domestic households to award winning winery restaurants.

What are microgreens?
Microgreens are tiny plants with just their first set of leaves.  They are bigger than sprouts but smaller than baby salad leaves.
Despite their small size they are full of flavour, and a mix of microgreens will give you a fantastic burst of tastes, colours, textures and shapes.  Many sources also claim the nutritional benefit is much higher than eating the equivalent vegetable itself.  Microgreens are perfect for enhancing salads, soups, main dishes or as a garnish.

Living microgreens
Cut microgreens sold in plastic packaging quickly lose their flavour and robustness. However, our microgreens are sold fresh in the growing tray or punnet so you can ‘snip and serve’ them 100% fresh and make them last longer.  We can even grow them in your own trays with your logo on if you want to make a display feature of them.

Cuisine magazine has this to say about microgreens:
“Chefs adore them. Relatively new to New Zealand in a commercial sense, their vibrant colours, spicy, nutty and earthy flavours and range of varieties endear them to cooks. And always springy and upright, they sit well on a plate…..Their bursts of flavour make them perfect to add to a dish as you would very fresh soft herb leaves.”

Microgreens from Kahikatea Farm
Many of our living microgreens are certified organic with OFNZ.  We can tailor the mix to your needs or supply trays or smaller punnets of single varieties.  Our range includes basil, beetroot, broccoli, cress, kale, pea feathers, red cabbage, rocket, radish and mustard – please email us for a product and price sheet.

Here’s what a customer has to say about Kahikatea Farm products and service:
Just wanted to say thanks again for the absolutely awesome job you did in growing and preparing stuff for our big banquet. In all my years in michelin restaurants overseas I've never seen a supplier go above and beyond as you did.
James Beck, Taste Cornucopia

Care of your microgreens
Ideally your microgreens should be kept at room temperature or slightly cooler in winter, or outside in summer, in daylight, and the soil medium kept moist.

Contact us now to find out what we can grow for you. We look forward to being of service.

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