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Chinese Quince

Price: $ 25.00

Pseudocydonia sinensis

Also known as False Quince, this small multi-stemmed deciduous shrub makes a great addition to any orchard or food forest. Being tolerant of pollution and only growing 3-5m tall (and easily pruned), it is also at home in a suburban garden.  Fragrant pink flowers are followed by very large yellow aromatic fruits which resembe an oval-oblong quince. Indeed they taste similar, although with a slightly citrusy flavour, and can be eaten the same way, ie. stewed (fine with no sugar, we find) and bottled or used in pies etc., or made into jam, jelly or paste/'cheese'. The fruit is also used extensively in Chinese medicine to treat rheumatoid athritis. The bark is a mottled grey-green-orange and is very attractive, as are the orange-red leaves in autumn. Requires full sun and is tolerant of most soil types.

PB8 Topped 70cm approx. Certified Organic Plant.

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