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White Mulberry

Price: $ 24.00

Morus alba

Cousin to the better tasting black mulberry, and better known for its leaves which are fed to silk worms in China, this tree is nevertheless is very worthy of a spot on your farm or in your food forest. Or plant it in your garden if you've already got a black one! The White Mulberry is also much more drought tolerant than the black mulberry, with brighter green leaves. It has a rounded or spreading form and is an attractive landscaping tree. The fruits start out white then turn red and are sweet but blander than the black mulberries, although they are reputed to be much more tasty when dried, making a good substitute for raisins.

White Mulberries may be single or multi-stemmed, and can be monoecious (male and female flowers on the same tree) or are dioecious, in which case both male and female are needed for fruiting. Our trees are grown from seed and therefore we have no way of knowing if they will be dioecious or monoecious, or male or female. We therefore offer a discount for three trees (see below). White Mulberries are are fast growing to 5-8 metres tall, sometimes more, but can be pruned to a convenient size, or pollarded. They require full sun or part shade and are tolerant of most soil types as well as frost, drought and wind.

The roots of the white mulberry tree have been used medicinally in Asia for many centuries and exhibit antimicrobial, antioxidant and neuroprotective effects. The berries are high in fibre and exhibit properties which help to reduce blood sugar levels after a meal, and manage cholesterol. Both leaves and berries have also been used as treatments for colds, sore throats and respiritory problems.

The tree also has many other uses. A fibre can be obtained from the bark of one-year old stems, and was used traditionally for weaving clothes and making paper. The twigs are used as binding material and for making baskets. Older wood is used for making furniture, sports equipment and in boat building. A brown dye can be obtained from the trunk.

PB8 height approx 120cm, certified organic plant. Discount on orders of multiples of three trees, to aid likelihood of getting a mix of male and female - three plants for $60.

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